E-Learning services

Constantly changing needs and competing in the economic market require continuous development of every organization. Most important in this process are people, who constantly need new knowledge and skills. Effective training process requires effective training system. We support development of training methods, increase effectiveness of the process, provide ready-made modules for immediate use. We help to build learning organizations, which thanks to provided solutions and knowledge are leaders in their industries. At each stage we provide consulting services to quickly increase the effectiveness of training solutions within the company. We provide reports for Management Boards of companies. We invite you to get acquainted with our value propositions:

E-learning platform

We will implement and configure the e-learning platform providing an effective education model (_eduNLG system)

Interactive online courses

We will build engaging, memorable online courses on request

E-learning START

We will introduce e-learning to your organization in a few days

E-learning platform

Based on many years of experience, Next Level Group experts will help your organization to implement and develop an e-learning platform, thanks to which you will improve educational processes. Knowledge will always be available to your employees, and an effective training model will allow you to engage your employees in the development of your company. We provide: administration of the training platform – monitoring, optimization, current configuration, as well as methodological support for trainers and implementation of new functionalities. As part of the e-learning platform, the Next Level Group team has developed a detailed training model (system_eduNLG), using e-learning, traditional methods and tools for evaluation of training quality. The development includes: training procedures, rules for the preparation of course materials, training organization documents, materials for trainers and users. The Next Level Group team provides a strategy session (mapping training needs) during which objectives, opportunities, solutions and new procedures are identified.

The effects of implementing an e-learning platform into an organization:

  • Reduction of costs related to training and business trips,
  • Reduction of training time (effective training procedures),
  • Accelerating the circulation of information (e.g. knowledge about a new product is provided immediately to all employees), shortening the time at which employees have the access to the knowledge, instructions and procedures.
  • Improvement of the employees training process,
  • Increased sales resulting from increasing satisfaction of the company’s customers thanks to professional service provided by well-trained employees,
  • Reduced number of technical support interventions due to knowledge base, user communication, current notifications,
  • Monitoring of competence development- full control over data,
  • Platform accessible from various locations.

Interactive online courses

The Next Level Group team will create an engaging, interactive online course, thanks to which your team will gain new skills and knowledge. Knowledge and courses are delivered quickly – in accordance with the concept of rapid e-learning. Training courses are created and delivered in a short period of time by trainers and experts. In building e-courses, we use the concept of knowledge and skill pills which can be mastered within 3-5 minutes. An inseparable element of effective cooperation is a strategy session in which we define training objectives, as well as knowledge and skills to be achieved by the participant. We support our clients at every stage of the project, from defining the content/scenario to testing and implementing the training.

Effects of interactive online courses:

  • An attractive, interactive, participant-engaging online course,
  • Will help you gain new skills, knowledge, and change the behavior of your employees,
  • Numerous tests, quizzes, exercises, tasks to complete,
  • Improvement of training process: reduction of delegation costs, reduction of training time,
  • Training (educational methods) adapted to the target group,
  • Training available on mobile devices,
  • Access to the course available from different locations.

E-learning START

A solution ideal for organizations that wish to quickly (5 days) implement e-learning. The e-learning START package includes the implementation of an e-learning platform along with the creation of an interactive online course. As part of the service, we can train your team/trainers in effective platform management.

The effects of the e-learning START package:

  • Improving the employee training process,
  • Reduction of training time (effective training procedures),
  • Accelerated information flow, increased team involvement in company development, increased sales, shortened time of access to knowledge, competence development monitorin,
  • Interactive online course building employee engagement,
  • New skills and knowledge of employees,
  • Access to the platform and courses available from different locations.