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Moodle learning platform is the result of decades of experience of our experts and consultants in building educational systems and training platforms. The solutions were created to support training processes in organizations. After all, it is highly qualified staff that determine financial success on the market.
We have been implementing, programming and configuring Moodle training platforms since 2012. The solution allows for effective management of product and service knowledge across the organization. The effects of implementation include a reduction in costs associated with training, business trips, reduced training time, access to knowledge (instructions, procedures), acceleration of information flow, as well as increased sales resulting from increasing customer satisfaction, reduced number of technical support interventions, customer service, monitoring of competence development.

The Moodle learning platform:

Knowledge base in an organization

We are creating a central knowledge base that enables information to be easily stored, shared and managed. This enables the organization to effectively gather and use its intellectual resources.

Development paths for employee knowledge, competencies

We develop personalized development plans that enable employees to track their progress in acquiring new skills and knowledge. This enables each employee to develop in line with company objectives.

Reporting and notification systems for HR and Members of Boards

Our solutions enable the automatic generation of reports and notifications, facilitating the monitoring of training progress and decision-making at Board and HR level.

A panel for creating interactive training courses - H5P

Our training platform includes the H5P tool, which allows you to easily create interactive and engaging courses, resulting in more effective learning.

Unique design of the training platform in line with the company's colors

We customize the look and feel of our platforms, creating unique graphic designs in line with the company's color scheme to help build a consistent image.

Building a Learning Organisation

We support organizations in the process of building a learning organization culture, promoting continuous improvement and competence development among employees.

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Using the Moodle NLG learning platform
costs a round 0$ and implementation is just 7 days.

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