Piotr Syguła
Next Level Group Managing Director

We provide knowledge that enables our customers to make the best decisions and enforce the values that are very important to both individual training projects and the organization as a whole. As a result, our customers are able to benefit from reliable training solutions and at the same time optimally manage their budget without incurring expenses caused by e.g. IT system failures.
We will help you build a learning organization that will become a leader in its industry through the knowledge solutions it provides. We support educational ventures with creativity, technologies in achieving business goals. We are located in Wrocław, Poland. We operate throughout the country. Since 2015 we have been implementing projects in foreign markets including the UK and the US.
  • We are a stable partner with over 9 years of experience in the field of e-learning,
  • We offer a comprehensive support model for improving training solutions (System_eduNLG),
  • We have experience in cooperation with major corporations, IT companies, universities, foundations, medical companies, etc.
  • We use a number of methods: rapid learning, social learning, knowledge repositories, e-motivation systems, quality and efficiency testing, gamification and many others,
  • A wide range of experts, We have an in-house competency management model and a management reporting model for employee progress/performance.

We have implemented our projects for