Project of the European Union (Interreg programme), Bialystok University of Technology, Kaunas Technology University and Bialystok Functional Areas Association.

Objective: To increase cooperation between Lithuania and Poland. Development of an interactive online course on: Business idea generation in the ICT area.

Description of problems: There was a need for professional activation and more effective cooperation between the border regions of Lithuania and Poland. As part of the project, a course was developed entitled: Business idea generation in the ICT area.


  • The training was developed in the form of a workshop, thanks to which the participant has the opportunity to work on his/her own business idea,
  • The participant has skills and knowledge thanks to which he/she can generate business ideas together with the process of testing, prototyping, interviews with the target group – stages of an effective process have been presented,
  • The course uses, among others: video form, closed questions – single-choice, true/false, drag&drop elements, connect, case study examples,
  • increase of macro-regional cooperation between Lithuania and Poland.

Photovoltaic company (confidential information)

Goal: To create a place where knowledge can be organized and structured, To increase (sales) activity of salespeople.

Description of problems: A company from the area of solar panels, photovoltaic came to us with the problem of structuring knowledge. So far, the knowledge was dispersed over the Internet, i.e. YouTube channel, Google – drive, e-mails, pdf, presentations. There was also a need to activate salespeople, increase sales.


  • An e-learning platform was developed and implemented, which was divided into clear modules with product information and soft skills training.
  • A system was introduced for reporting the results of the salespeople executing the courses to the management (manager’s report),
  • elements of gamification were used, thanks to which salespeople earned badges, started to engage in replying on the forum, helping other salespeople,
  • the mechanism of 1 day off per month for the highest number of badges was applied,
  • Internal flow of knowledge and information was improved,
  • increased employee engagement, which resulted in increased sales of the client’s products.