We are building learning organizations that thanks to the solutions and knowledge provided, are leaders in their sector

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We are improving e-learning processes

Piotr Syguła Next Level Group Managing director

We specialize in supporting learning operations with knowledge, creativity and technology to achieve their learning goals. We help to build a learning organization that through the solutions and knowledge provided will become a leader in its industry. We form a team consisting of designers, training methodologists, e-learning platform administrators, project managers, trainers and e-learning experts – available to support you in improving your training processes.

E-learning for business

E-learning platform

We will implement and configure the e-learning platform providing an effective education model (_eduNLG system)

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We will build engaging, memorable online courses on request

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The original system_eduNLG is a result of several years of experience of our experts and consultants in building education and training systems. System_eduNLG was created in order to support training processes in an organization. It is highly qualified staff that determines financial success of companies on the market.
  • The vision, which supports the concept of learning organization and knowledge sharing, develops knowledge base of the organization and uses modern educational methods,
  • The organization of the training process, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and effectively train a large number of users, at the same time conducting the training process in a continuous manner, and the user is constantly informed about changes in the functioning of the organization,
  • A training methodology that shows how to learn effectively,
  • Information technology with a multifunctional educational platform, where e-courses, knowledge base, training courses are placed, and users enjoy an expanded communication space.


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